Dayton Home & Office GmbH
Brandenburg Complex Tanner Place
54-58 Tanner Street
VAT No. GB990343215
Phone: 020 - 315 00 803
Fax: 020 - 315 07 689

Who we are?

Dayton Home & Office is a collection of e-commerce platforms designed with the objective to give our users the best experience possible. Since the early era of the Internet, we have provided guided knowledge and solutions in all aspects of e-commerce and information technology.

Through our success with a wide range of platforms, we have acquired the capabilities to expand our business into a sustainable service that never fails to hit its targets. We now operate throughout Europe delivering solutions to many countries within the European Union.

Our dynamic in-house development focuses on both national, and international e-commerce solutions. Our core principal being to aid customers and users giving them a dynamic yet simple solution platform for a friendly shopping experience.

How we operate

Here at Dayton, we know how important it is to do things right. That’s why we start how we mean to go on. From the get go, we combined all our resources in order to develop efficient projects that last. To date we have a team of more than 15 creative specialists working side by side to help develop, manage, and maintain the performance of all our e-commerce projects.

Our team consists of two main groups. These include highly specialised experts in the field of business development, a team of IT and marketing experts, as well as experts in the fields of engineering and product development. Together these forward thinkers help bring our ideas to life.